Victor Martinez


Artist Victor Martinez
Watercolor Artist Victor Martinez


Victor Martinez’s work is recognized for capturing the life of the Native people. He respectfully recreates their way of life communicating their unique qualities that have so inspired him. It is that same portraiture work which has been featured extensively and has become his trademark.

Born and raised in the city of Arequipa, Peru, Victor Martinez has been a painter all of his life. He started his artistic training at an early age with his father, artist Victor Manuel Martinez Malaga. His formal education began at the Regional School of Fine Arts and then at the National School of Fine Arts in Lima. The turning point in his career came at the age of 55 when he embraced his love for painting and watercolor. In 1998, he moved to the United States.

Victor now lives and paints in Scottsdale, Arizona. Each year he takes the journey back to his native country with Gladys, his wife of forty-three years. It is in Peru where he rediscovers the Peruvian, Andean villages and people that inspire him to continue painting after so many years.

Victor is recognized as a leading Watercolor Artist worldwide by Winsor & Newton Co. His work is featured by the highly regarded British company founded in 1832.